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Services for BIOVEGEN partners

Being a member of BIOVEGEN as a partner, and thus to INVEGEN Association, provides access to personalised services:

As an Association. Exclusive services for BIOVEGEN members:

  • Personalised advise:
    • Development of R&D projects
    • Partner search
    • Search for financing
    • Inclusion of topics on Work Programs
    • Contact with funding Agencies
    • Support in administrative management
    • Support in registration of plant varieties / patents
    • Access to new technologies in plant breeding
    • Search of Human Resources
    • Search for suppliers
  • Specialized information:
    • BIOVEGEN Technological Offer & Demand Newsletter –> priority access to BIOVEGEN members
    • R&D financing tools and calls (National Plan for R&D, Center for the Development of Industrial Technology-CDTI, Horizon 2020, FACCE-JPI, WATER-JPI, JTI BRIDGE, PLANT KBBE, ERA-CAPS, etc.)
    • Events
    • Weekly and monthly BIOVEGEN newsletters
  • Reports and exclusive publications for BIOVEGEN members:
    • R&D tax incentives
    • Horizon 2020
    • Common Agricultural Policy 2014-2020
    • BIOVEGEN’s Funding Tools Handbook in R&D in Plant Biotechnology
    • Law of Science
    • New Funding calls
    • New features of CDTI calls
  • Events: participation with exclusive conditions: gratuity, discounts, participation as speaker…
    • Science-business meetings (CAJAMAR-BIOVEGEN workshops…)
    • Technological Offer & Demand meetings (nutrition, plant protection…)
    • Scientific congresses (Molecular Plant Biology, genetics improvement, plant physiology…)
    • Business fairs (Fruit Attraction, CONAMA, BIOSTIMULANTS EUROPE…)
    • Disconunts/invitations to external events
  • Agreement with specialised R&D consultants: special prices
  • Participation in Governing Bodies (Assembly, Executive Comission)

Services for the whole sector (members and non-members):

  • BIOVEGEN Technological Offer & Demand Newsletter: contacting researchers and companies to identify common technological interests
  • Strategic Research Agenda
  • Free assistance to some BIOVEGEN events
  • Some news