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PLANET Biotech S.L. develops and commercializes products for sustainable agriculture, designed to mitigate the effects of rapid climate change. Our proprietary technology opens a new door to sustainable and cost-effective solutions to address droughts and heat waves in the fields.


Spanish startup, founded by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the agtech and digital arenas. By combining an especify variety of fruits and vegetables with the most Innovative Solutions for Indoor Farmers such as robotics, sensors, IoT, big-data, blockchain and mobile applications, we present a production and distribution model like no other. Urban indoor production of the healthiest and best tasting lettuce, microgreens, herbs and mushrooms in Spain. The network of highly qualified urban farmers are respectful of the environment and seek to offer consumers direct access to fresh and healthy live plants


Peruvian company dedicated to the production and marketing of textiles, chemicals and construction finishes. It continuously improves its processes to be considered the best value proposition in the market, providing solutions with products of recognized quality, in order to contribute to the development of its clients and society.


Grupo Quiver Ibérica is a research and experimental development company in biotechnology. Their purpose is the development, research, innovation and manufacture of fertilizers with the firm commitment to contribute to precise and efficient plant nutrition, the basis for integrated and sustainable agriculture.

Its business model is focused on the search for and exploitation of new alternative fertilizers based on the formulations patented by its partner-collaborator Laboratorios Quiver, a company specialized in R+D+i with more than 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector.


Corma is a cooperative made up of 22 ornamental plant growers and 50 hectares of their own production located near Barcelona. Throughout the 42 years of the company’s existence, we have developed an experience that allows us to cultivate a wide range of plants, combined with a service that meets the expectations of our customers. Our partners cultivate more than 880 species in different formats to adapt to the diverse profiles of our clients: wholesalers, garden centers, landscape nurseries, etc. More than 12,000,000 plants produced that are delivered throughout Spain and Europe every year. We also collaborate with producers outside the cooperative to offer our customers other varieties that require other growing conditions.


PONS IP is a global company specialized in Industrial and Intellectual Property, a pioneer in the creation of a culture of management, protection and defense of the intangible assets of organizations. At PONS IP they offer strategic, legal and financial advice in response to the need for comprehensive, specialized and effective management of Industrial and Intellectual Property. Its human team is made up of more than 130 qualified and specialized professionals to design and implement agile and effective solutions that adapt to the particularities of each organization, in any country in the world. They also have a network of offices in Spain, with offices in Colombia, China and Belgium. Their international expansion, together with the collaboration of more than 300 associated firms around the world, allows them to offer solutions in more than 180 countries.


Auravant is a digital agriculture company that, through its platform, offers an “All-in-one” solution allowing farmers, technical advisors, cooperatives and companies in the agricultural sector to analyze all the information for decision making, allowing thus increasing productivity in a sustainable and profitable way.
They work every day to be the agricultural operating system: it has more than 77,000 users who have digitized more than 11 million hectares in more than 110 countries. Its technology based on AI, BI, Machine Learning and statistics, has unique levels of computer security in the agricultural sector, offers personalized corporate solutions that have an impact on the R&D, Technical, Marketing and Commercial areas of manufacturer companies fertilizers, biostimulants and seeds, banks and global traders, etc. They are clear that the future is collaborative, so their platform can be integrated with other applications or extensions, simplifying the task for the user by interacting in the same place with the data from all their technologies.


With almost four decades of history, Cultifort specializes in the research, formulation, manufacturing and marketing of products that meet the nutritional needs of the plant. All solutions are free of residues, are beneficial to the environment and have been extensively tested in the more than 300 hectares that make up Cultifort’s experimental fields. In Cultifort they have more than one hundred distributors nationally and internationally.

Its philosophy is based on the tradition of innovating, being avant-garde in nutritional solutions with high guaranteed richness in its formulations. The Cultifort range of products is in continuous improvement and development. I also bet on the biological and physiological efficacy of its products, with the objective of solving agricultural problems that, unfortunately, are also evolving. Cultifort is a breeder of a variety of Early Clementine baptized with the name of Cultifort, it is characterized by its good properties; It is a very vigorous, productive tree and the fruit is characterized by its sweetness and because it contains a large percentage of juice and has no seed.


The University of Valencia (UV) is a top-ranking academic organization at the national level and with considerable international projection, which occupies prominent positions in the most prestigious rankings. The Regulation that develops the procedure for the creation of UV research structures, establishes the framework for the creation of research groups, as well as interdisciplinary research structures (ERI) and university research institutes (institutos ), as structures integrated by research groups.


LABIN is a company that generate plant nutrition products with a long history in the market (since 1948) and with a wide catalog of specialties. Its vocation for innovation has made it a pioneer in many advances, both conceptual and real: Organomineral Fertilizers, organic products, sustainable agronomic solutions, etc…
LABIN products and solutions keep pace with changes in agricultural techniques, together with the entire research, development and innovation process that the company has fostered in recent years, contributing to achieving a more modern, more profitable, more healthy and with the utmost respect for the environment.
At LABIN they focus on improving crop yields, based on increased production, quality improvement and increased resistance to diseases, achieved through proper nutrition.


IPL Biological Limited (formerly known as International Panaacea Limited) is a producer microbial solutions company for agriculture. Since 1994, it research-based innovations has focused on inventing indigenous microbial-based solutions to meet the needs of farmers and address global challenges by improving soil health, crop yield, and quality while managing pest resistance, resurgence, and residue.
It is committed to a safer and healthier planet by leveraging its research capabilities and providing a sustainable, safe and technological solution to consumers worldwide.
IPL Biologicals Limited is dedicated to solving the challenges associated with restoring soil health for global food and nutrition security. It helps farmers regenerate soils, increase the productivity of their crops and bring safe, healthy, and nutritious food to the table of the end consumer. Its revolutionary high CFU microbial solutions help farmers achieve sustainable growth from seed to harvest.


Smart Moss Europe is a start-up dedicated to the integration of live mosses in indoor spaces for air filtering and reconnection with nature in urban areas, thus achieving an improvement in well-being.

Offering a smart box with mugo inside and an app that allows communication between the device and the user, in addition all the boxes are connected by AI to optimize maintenance and facilitate adaptation to the environment.

This project adds a factor about awareness of environmental quality in our rooms/houses or neighborhoods/cities, and, on the other hand, it also provides a use of the plant by converting its mature organism into organic fertilizer.