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What is an Operational Group?

An Operational Group (OG) is a group of actors with different profiles, such as farmers, researchers, universities, etc. to be able to jointly address a specific problem or opportunity from a multi-sector approach.

FITONET Operational Group

The project consists of the creation of Living Labs and pilot projects, as well as the development of a web and mobile application (FitoNet) designed for farmers, producers and companies, which includes information and knowledge obtained by them and by companies, as well as the obtained from the National Inventory of Plant Genetic Resources of the collections of the National Plant Genetic Resources Program, that of other characterization data and that related to pre-improvement materials obtained by Agrofor groups.

The application will be a tool for exchanging information, knowledge and resources related to plant biology applied to agriculture, and will allow collaboration between researchers, farmers, producers and companies.

The final objective is to improve the supply of varieties available to users, promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, and support society's growing demand for differentiated plant products of higher nutritional and organoleptic quality.


  • Facilitate access to plant genetic resources and improved varieties for farmers, associations and companies.
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge and needs between companies, encouraging collaboration in obtaining quality, sustainable and profitable products.
  • Increase the genetic diversity of crops to obtain better adapted and differentiated products that contribute to more sustainable, resilient and profitable agricultural systems.
  • Development of a professional social network that connects farmers, associations and businessmen with researchers (breeders, conservators, biotechnologists, etc.)
  • Development of 4 living labs / pilot experiences that demonstrate the importance of using biodiversity to obtain quality, sustainable and profitable crops and products.


The FITONET Operational Group is composed of 9 entities who participate in different categories to achieve the development of the project:

Scope of action

The FITONET Operational Group has a presence, through its components, in 8 Spanish provinces.

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