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BIOVEGEN Vision Document

Analysis of the agri-food sector and proposals for improvement in R&D

He «BIOVEGEN Vision Document: analysis of the agri-food sector and proposals for improvement in R&D” Its objective is to carry out an analysis of the situation of the R&D sector in plant production, the technological topics of greatest interest in plant biology and the improvement proposals to stimulate innovation in plant production in a more effective way.

After the presentation of the first edition of the Document in 2017, BIOVEGEN has completed and enriched its content through the detailed analysis of documents and reports from the agri-food sector, the receipt of inputs and suggestions from the Platform partners, and the analysis of the themes and development of the project proposals mobilized by BIOVEGEN.

Thus, the enriched version (2.0) of the BIOVEGEN Vision Document has been presented during the BIOVEGEN Colloquium «TECHNOLOGY ATTRACTION: the agriculture of the future», held on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 in the context of the international Fruit Attraction 2018 fair.

The BIOVEGEN Vision Document aims to be a useful tool when it comes to contributing to the design of R&D promotion tools adapted to the needs and characteristics of the agri-food sector, contributing to an improvement in the boundary conditions that make the relationship more effective. Science-Business-Administration, and thus stimulating the competitiveness of the Spanish agri-food sector through the incorporation of new technologies based on Plant Biology.

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BIOVEGEN 2018 Vision Document