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Fascination of Plants Day

On May 18, 2022, the International Day of Fascination with Plants, day in which the importance of plants for our planet and the fascination we feel for them will capture attention around the world. This day is celebrated with a set of informative activities launched every year by the EPSO (European Plant Science Organization) worldwide since 2012. It is about promoting knowledge about any aspect of the fascinating world of plants through informative actions. All proposals are published on a website for dissemination. The activities can be very varied (open day, practices, guided tours, presentations, seminars, exhibitions,...).

He Plant Fascination Day It has the support of a network of national coordinators who voluntarily help to promote and disseminate the activities in each of the countries. Scientific institutions, universities, botanical gardens and museums, along with farmers and companies, have already announced that they will open their doors to show the general public, children and adults, a wide variety of events.

As in previous years, any institution or person who wants to join the Plant Fascination Day initiative is welcome, you just need to register the activity to be carried out on the website. The activity should preferably be carried out on May 18 or on dates close to that. To register you must fill out the form by clicking on “submit new event” that appears at the top right of the website and enter the code: subfopd22.

The media are also invited to get involved so that they can interact with scientists, farmers, politicians and businessmen, to talk about the latest advances in plant research and the applications that can be derived from them.

For those of you who are interested in participating this year, you can find more information in this link.