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BIOVEGEN-KAUDAL: Technological patronage

BIOVEGEN and KAUDAL, a company specialized in financing companies that are committed to Research and Development (R&D), have collaborated together since June 2019 to promote the Technological Patronage in the plant production sector.

He Technological Patronage It is a financing tool that allows companies that develop R&D to carry out their projects and make them a reality in accordance with their objectives. This financing model allows, with non-refundable contributions and without guarantees, to promote projects in a period of less than 3 months, putting companies that carry out research and development in contact with companies that believe in R&D and want to support transformative projects. of the society.

This agreement favors synergies between BIOVEGEN and KAUDAL in their common objective of supporting and promoting investment in R&D in the agri-food sector in Spain.