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INVEGEN Association

INVEGEN – Association for the Promotion of Technological R&D in Plant Genomics

The Asociation INVEGEN is the entity promoter and coordinator of BIOVEGEN (Technological Platform for Plant Biotechnology).

INVEGEN was born as a private non-profit association at the end of 2005, as an initiative of a group of companies and research centers, initially catalyzed by the international call for R&D projects in plant biotechnology PLANT-KBBE, as a public-private platform. national analogue to those existing in France (Genoplante) and Germany (GABI).

INVEGEN is registered in the National Registry of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior (group 1, section 1, national number 590537)

Since 2009, INVEGEN coordinates and manages the Technological Platform for Plant Biotechnology (BIOVEGEN), co-financed and supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.