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Seqplexing is a biotechnology company specialized in NGS sequencing, located in the Science Park of the University of Valencia, which emerged as a spin-off of the INCLIVA Health Research Center in 2013, specifically the Genotyping and Genetic Diagnosis Unit. Currently, it is an independent entity that has professionals trained in the area of genetics and molecular biology.

Seqplexing presents a wide range of services that have applications both in the field of health and genetic diagnosis, as well as in the food industry, agriculture, animal and plant research. This versatility makes them special and, therefore, they offer advice and support in all phases of the project, from its approach to the bioinformatic analysis of the results, characterized by a personal and individualized treatment with each of their clients.

Seqplexing also develops its own R&D projects and in collaboration with other institutions and organizations in both environmental and health areas.