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8th & 9th June, 2022. Brussels

The Global and European biopesticides market has been growing steadily in recent years. With increasing restrictions regarding traditional biocontrol tools and a growing demand for sustainable agricultural practices, biopesticides are expected to keep growing and become an essential biocontrol tool for farmers all over Europe. Nonetheless, regulations and registration continue to pose a significant challenge for their commercialisation.

This two day event will bring together key industry stakeholders, researchers and representatives from regulatory bodies to discuss current challenges and future opportunities within the industry. The conference will also provide insights and updates on market growth along with significant advances in technologies and R&D projects.

  • An Overview of Biopesticides Regulations at EU Level
  • Gaining Insights into the nEUROSTRESSPEP Project: Novel Biocontrol Agents for Insect Pests
  • Developing Zero Residue Alternatives
  • The Untapped Potential of Public-Private Collaborations as an R&D Services Platform focused on Plant Biotechnology
  • Pests Control Innovations: Overcoming Barriers in Botanical Pesticide Production using Genetically Modified Bacteria
  • Exploring Global Commercialization Challenges and Business Strategies for Biopesticides Companies
  • Innovations in Formulation and Packaging in Order to Maximize the Production Supply Chain
  • New Biological Active Components in Development: Benefits, Practices and Assessment
  • Implementing Integrated Solutions and Control Programs
  • Farming Strategies to Achieve Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Innovations in Fungicides and their Commercial Potential
  • Contribution of Metabolomics to the Study of Biopesticides and its Practical Applications

BIOVEGEN cooperates with the organizing entity and will participate doing the presentation “BIOVEGEN: Spanish PPP in Plant Biology”. This presentation will explain the role of BIOVEGEN as a public-private partnership, led by the business sector, which brings together entities from the agrifood sector with an interest in R&D&i in applied Plant Biology.


Due to the collaboration of BIOVEGEN with the organisers, BIOVEGEN members will obtain special participation conditions: