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Auravant is a digital agriculture company that, through its platform, offers an «All-in-one» solution allowing farmers, technical advisors, cooperatives and companies in the agricultural sector to analyze all the information for decision making, allowing thus increasing productivity in a sustainable and profitable way.
They work every day to be the agricultural operating system: it has more than 77,000 users who have digitized more than 11 million hectares in more than 110 countries. Its technology based on AI, BI, Machine Learning and statistics, has unique levels of computer security in the agricultural sector, offers personalized corporate solutions that have an impact on the R&D, Technical, Marketing and Commercial areas of manufacturer companies fertilizers, biostimulants and seeds, banks and global traders, etc. They are clear that the future is collaborative, so their platform can be integrated with other applications or extensions, simplifying the task for the user by interacting in the same place with the data from all their technologies.