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We provide automated plant phenotyping solutions to measure plant growth and health. To do so we designed and manufacture the sensors PlantEye a 3D &  Multispectral camera, and DroughtSpotter a gravimetric sensor, with the sole purpose to assess plants. Combined with our software HortControl we automate the entire phenotyping process.

Open data standards and an API make sure you can integrate the data and the hardware in any system!


Academia, Industry and breeders worldwide use our tools for the following applications:

  • Plant phenotyping
  • Screenings
  • Disease quantification
  • Germination assays
  • Bio assays
  • Quality control
  • Farming automation

Automated genotype screening

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Sensors & Software

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Standard solutions for full automation
Automated & Scalable solutions

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Discuss with Kevin Fernandes3D phenotyping and plant production specialist
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During my 12 years as plant biologist, I worked on different research projects on the most diverse fields: plant physiology; plant production; plant nutrition; soil science; sustainable agriculture; forestry; agroforestry and plant phenotyping. In my early career, I had to phenotype thousands of plants, from seedlings to big Amazonian trees. After doing all the painful and time-consuming plant phenotyping, I discovered automated plant phenotyping, and rapidly fell in love with it. Currently, I advise scientists and R&D researchers in the most diverse phenotyping projects you can imagine. From small seedlings to big trees, from arctic to desert plants, either indoors or outdoors, my job is to guide researchers in taking the right decision in terms of data collection, data analysis and the phenotyping sensor technology.