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DVA is a chemical company that operates globally. With over 50 years of experience in the development of smart market solutions. DVA has its head offices in Hamburg. The carry out a wide number of activities worldwide. The company focuses in the development of innovative products and integrating services. Their customers benefit from their international network and subsidiaries: more than 300 employees.

DVA has four divisions:
– DVA PLASTICS: thermoplastics and specialised technical compounds.
– DVA HEALTH: manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.
– DVA FOODS: high quality raw materials for food and beverage industry.
– DVA AGRO: wide range of first-class and off-patent phytosanitary products. These products provide the opportunity to create perfect solutions for challenges current agriculture and food production are facing.

In 2019, the fifth division «DVA Crop Nutrition and Biocontrol» is created to provide a new thinking and new crop management approaches.