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It all started in the lab as part of Sequentia Biotech’s R&D Tricopharming department. Led by Dr. Luis Matías Hernández, it was set up to investigate the use of tricopharming techniques to optimize different plants that produce diverse medicinal and aromatic compounds in their trichomes or plant hairs, starting with Artemisia annua. Following positive results in the lab and in the pilot field studies, in October 2018, Biotech Tricopharming Research (Tricopharming for short) the company was founded in order to continue the development and commercialization of this optimized Artemisia annua, named Artennua.

In parallel, we are applying our technology to other medicinal and aromatic plants, such as lavender, thyme, mint, basil and salvia, amongst others. Aside from continuing to develop our own R&D, Tricopharming also provides personalized R&D services and field trials to other companies and research centres that are looking to improve the production of commercially viable plants for the pharma, nutraceutical and natural cosmetics sectors.