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Agrobiotech/CROs advice / Plant nutrition

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Technology-based company, aimed at the agri-food sector, with innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

  • ACTIVITY: Engineering and Consulting for the Agri-Food sector.
    • Headquarters: Regaliz Street, 6. 04007 Almería.
    • Commercial office: Calle Eduardo Vicente, 7 – Kunlabori Center. 28028 Madrid.
    • Technical office: PITA Scientific Headquarters – UAL Campus. 04120 La Cañada, Almería.
  • CONSTITUTION DATE: 28/08/2007. 
  • CONTACT: (+34) 950 803 998.
  • INCOME: 
  • GENERAL DESCRIPTION: company dedicated to the design, development and implementation of innovative and technologically advanced solutions, aimed at different entities, public and private, in the agri-food industry, with a special focus on the seed and plant improvement sector.
    • Software Engineering. Both with our proprietary NOAH solution for plant germplasm management and plant breeding (, as with the integration of business solutions such as SAP Business One, data visualization through Power BI, and traceability of agri-food products through blockchain technology on IBM's Food Trust platform.
    • Agroindustrial engineering. Both with our line of Seedmach equipment for packaging, treatment and handling of seeds ( as well as through the provision of consulting services for industrial projects in the agri-food field.
    • Agricultural engineering. Development of projects both for the recovery and/or reintroduction of NUS varieties and for the identification and evaluation of new plant species with agricultural interest, and the protocolization of their respective crops.
    • Horticultural Seeds. With the design and development of traditional plant breeding programs, prebreeding based on mutagenesis, to obtain new pure lines with dihaploidy and polyploidy techniques. We also have teams specialized in the design and development of new molecular markers that allow optimizing traditional genetic improvement processes.
    • Laboratory for analysis and extraction of bioactive compounds.
    • Industrial laboratory for design and manufacturing of prototypes and small machinery.
    • Design and 3D printing of mechanical elements.
    • Farms for agricultural trials. 
  • DATA OF INTEREST: as members of Biovegen (the Spanish platform for plant biotechnology), of the CultIVA Network (an initiative supported by the Latin American Program of Science and Technology for Development – CYTED), or of ClanAgro (Business Cluster specialized in the Almería Agricultural Model); and as members of different research consortia that we have subscribed to with the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC), with the Biomedical Research Center of Granada (CIBM-UGR), with the Institute of Agrarian and Fisheries Research of Andalusia (IFAPA) , with the Institute for Conservation and Improvement of Agrodiversity of Valencia (COMAV-UPV), and with the Agriculture and Environment Group in Arid Zones of the University of Almería; We have an ideal ecosystem to tackle large-scale projects in the field of plant biology.


  • We are interested in participating in consortia focused on projects related to both plant improvement, management of plant germplasm or obtaining new varieties, as well as issues related to the management of conventional fruit and vegetable crops, evaluation and protocolization of new crops, or those issues related to plant nutrition and obtaining biofertilizers.


  • Argan Operational Group. Design and implementation of a project for the reintroduction of argan cultivation as an alternative to olive grove cultivation. Project developed in collaboration with the University of Córdoba, the Germplasm Bank of Andalusia and the companies Cortijo de Frías and Olivar del Desierto. Autonomous Operational Groups Program 2018 / Junta de Andalucía
  • Biofort. Development of a protocol for the biofortification of horticultural crops through crop management. Project developed in collaboration with the Agriculture and Environment Group in Arid Zones of the University of Almería. Own financing
  • CleanSeeds. Evaluation of physical technologies for the antifungal and antibacterial treatment of horticultural seeds without the application of chemical products. Project developed in collaboration with the Plant Pathology Group of the IFAPA Center of La Mojonera (Almería) and the North American multinational Yofumo Techonology Inc. Own financing


  • Neotec HSV. Development of equipment for seed counting, using artificial vision technology, and automatic packaging. NEOTEC 2016 / CDTI
  • Dustex-Red Spider. Evaluation and design of strategies for the control of red spider pests in citrus crops through dust suppression techniques on roads. Project developed in collaboration with IFAPA and the Norwegian company Borregaard Own financing