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About us?

The Spanish Technological Platform for Plant Biotechnology – BIOVEGEN is a public-private entity whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of the sector through the development of technologies from Plant Biology. It articulates entities in the Spanish agri-food sector, connecting the supply and demand of technology, and generating business opportunities through Science-Business collaboration. It acts as an interface between the scientific, business and Administration communities, offering tools that facilitate the R&D&I activities of its partners. It currently has 185 partner entities: 163 companies, 22 research organizations and the Ministry of Science and Innovation, which supports and co-finances the initiative. BIOVEGEN is open to collaborations with other entities in the sector.

Currently, BIOVEGEN has 185 member entities

  • 151 Companies
  • 11 Private Associations / Foundations
  • 23 Public Research Centers

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