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Company located in Alicante. Since its birth as a company in August 1992, the company has the following objectives:

  • Research of high specialized nutrition & plant physiology formulated products.
  • Development and setting of different formulas in many national/international crops, thus contributing to global agriculture and agronomy.
  • Marketing and sale of formulas, produced in such a way that they can provide rational, equilibrated and profitable solutions for producers and consumers.
  • Direct technical-scientific collaboration with numerous national/international research centres and universities.
  • Since the beginning, the company has incorporated research related to raw materials, formulas and agronomic effect of the products. This has enabled the company to achieve the current results in terms of the number of raw materials, formulas and agronomic effect.

Their accumulated experience qualifies them to provide their customers with:

  • Seriousness of the work.
  • Perseverance and capacity development.
  • Provision of plant physiology cutting-edge technologies.