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BIOVEGEN report. Summary of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research (PEICTI) 2021-2023

Recently published the Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (EECTI) 2021-2027. This Strategy constitutes the reference framework for research and innovation, and in which the State Plans for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research (PEICTI) corresponding to the periods 2021-2023 and 2024-2027, as well as the different regional R&D&I plans.

The PEICTI 2021-2023 is the instrument for the execution of this Strategy, and establishes 6 thematic priorities - among which is the FOOD, BIOECONOMICS, NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT– for the execution of R&D&i activities.

The PEICTI 2021-2023 is aimed at all agents of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System, both public and private, who will be responsible for the execution of the proposed R&D&I activities, the dissemination and promotion of their results and the provision of R&D&I services for the progress of Spanish society and the economy as a whole.

The new Plan is made up of four state programs, organized around the objectives of the Spanish Strategy for Science and Technology and Innovation, and which converge on the need to respond to the great challenges of society and promote competitiveness and growth of the Spanish economy, putting, to this end, the necessary resources and instruments at the disposal of the agents of the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation. Its execution is marked by transversality: it directly involves 12 ministries and their dependent units and entities, thus integrating all the activity of the General State Administration in R&D&I.

The financing of the actions included in the Plan will be carried out through different instruments that include subsidies, non-refundable or partially refundable aid, loans, public procurement or investment mechanisms.

In addition to the funds from the General State Budgets, the actions provided for in the Plan may rely on other sources of financing such as European funds, and especially the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and funds from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

  • Version: August 2021