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BIOVEGEN report. TransMisiones 2023 Call

On June 28, the TransMisiones 2023 Call was published, with a budget of 130 million euros to support the formation of R&D projects between business groups and research organizations and thus coordinate the scientific and business capabilities of our country to respond to priority challenges.

This initiative is a measure of the 'Transfer and collaboration plan: science and innovation at the service of society', which addresses six ambitious and relevant thematic priorities framed in two areas: the green transition and the promotion of technologies that affect the entire economy and are related to the digital transition and industrial development.

The call supports with high intensities of aid; up to an 80% subsidy for companies and 100% for Research Centers in cooperative research projects.

Six thematic priorities are addressed within TransMisiones 2023 (see table below) of which highlights the THEMATIC PRIORITY 4:

“Promote the development of an advanced, sustainable agri-food and livestock sector prepared for climate change and that makes relevant use of biotechnological tools.”

Given the interest that this call has for the agrobiotechnology sector (both at the thematic and financing levels), at BIOVEGEN we have prepared this report, which summarizes the main characteristics of the call.