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BIOVEGEN Newsletter R&D Proposals. April 6, 2020

A new edition of the BIOVEGEN R&D Proposals Bulletin is now available. The newsletter contains:

  • Demand No. 117: Technologies in formulations for agriculture
  • Demand nº118: Search for a Spanish company to apply for an ERANET SUSCROP call on “Cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants to mitigate climate change in Europe”
  • Demand No. 119: Search for a Spanish company to participate in a Spanish-Algerian R&D project for the use of biosensors in waste management

The “BIOVEGEN Bulletin of R&D Proposals” is a tool to systematize and facilitate the contact between the scientific and business community in the field of plant biology, promoting the generation of public-private collaborations and/or joint R&D projects through the mobilization of technological supply and demand. The aim is to promote public-private cooperation and technology transfer to the business sector, for the development of business opportunities from science-business collaboration.


  • Identify joint technological interests for the development of collaborations
  • Identify potential partners
  • Communication channel for science-business interaction and technology transfer
  • Identify and quantify strategic technological challenges for the sector (“thermometer”)