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BIOVEGEN Newsletter Employment Supply-Demand. November 14, 2023


A new edition of the BIOVEGEN Employment Supply/Demand Bulletin is now available. The newsletter contains:

  • JOB OFFER Nº172: Doctor specializing in plant genetics and physiology.
  • JOB OFFER Nº173: Bioinformatician.
  • JOB OFFER Nº174: Specialist in in vitro culture of plant tissues.
  • JOB OFFER Nº175: Scientific advice scholarship.

The “BIOVEGEN Employment Supply and Demand Bulletin” is a tool aimed at promoting the mobility of talent between the public and private sectors.


  • Take advantage of the investment in training qualified personnel in R&D
  • Make this talent available to companies to improve their competitiveness
  • Offer quality professional opportunities to researchers in the sector
  • Offer a channel for disseminating offers and demands from entities in the sector (companies, research centers, etc.)