BIOVEGEN Report. Agro-food sector training requirements



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  • BIOVEGEN Report: "Necesidades de formación de Recursos Humanos de las empresas Agroalimentarias españolas. Contribución al Plan de Acción en Educación para el Sector Vegetal".


  • Objetivos:

-   Obtaining private sector opinion about their human resources requirements related to knowledge and abilities.    

-   Identifying training areas and abilities of future professionals in the sector, that can be strategic for private sector but are not sufficiently represented in both training programmes and labour market.

- Contributing to generate training programmes to form future highly qualified workers in plant production sector.

- Improve the competitiveness of rural companies through the incorporation of trained professionals in interest areas of the private sector.

  • Version: February 2014


  • If you are interested in accessing the report, please contact BIOVEGEN


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