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  • "Horizon 2020 BIOVEGEN Report" the new framework programme for research and innovation of the Eurpean Union (2014-2020). Participation opportunities for Agri-food sector. 
  • Version: February 2014
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  • To access the full report, please contact BIOVEGEN.

What is HORIZON 2020? It's the newly initiated framework programme for research and innovation of the European Union during 2014-2020.

It has a budget of 78.000 million euros for the 7 coming years. It's implemented in three pillars, helping to adress major societal challenges, promoting industrial leadership in Europe and strengthing its scientific base excellence.

HORIZON 2020 counts on favourable financing conditions: grants covering the 100% of direct costs to all types of entities, and the 70% in case of companies working in innovation stages. Indirect costs are considered the 25% of direct costs.

Given the importance and complexity (new programmes and initiatives, significant changes from the previous framework programme, etc.), from BIOVEGEN - Technology Platform for Plant Biotechnology, we have developed this report to offer our members an overview of its structure, budget, financing mecanisms and participation rules.   

In adition, this report offers more specific information on HORIZON 2020 financing programmes which can be of interest for agro-food sector.

Even so, we intend to boost our members participation as well as other Spanish entities (companies, associations, public research bodies, etc. which are working in the field of production and plant biology) under the new European framework programme.

From BIOVEGEN it is our hope that this report contributes to increasing the funding for R&D activities in the Spanish agri-food sector, improving our business competitiveness through the development of plant biology technologies.


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