BIOVEGEN-GAC Collaboration



BIOVEGEN has a partnership with Global Approach Consulting (GAC), a company specializing in R & D in obtaining direct funding (grants, loans) and indirect (tax deductions) for R + D + i of its consultant customers. He has over ten years of experience in corporate finance and innovative projects, 250 engineers (60 of which are in Spain), 1.600 proyects and national consortia and managed. Internationally, only in the last year, has managed 35 projects consortium under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union. The GAC specialized in the area of biotechnology team consists of 15 consultants and includes doctors in microbiology, organic chemistry, biology or environmental sciences.


Some figures about GAC:

  • Ratio of annual project success:
    • 95% in national projects
    • 75% Framework Programme
    • 85% in other international programs
  • Over € 715 million of direct financing (loans and grants) managed



GAC Services:

  • Delivery of practical training workshops on taxation, grants and subsidies and Patent Box
  • Search application specific tax incentives
  • Defense projects companies for the request
  • Achievement of aid and subsidies for innovation



  • For more information, please contact BIOVEGEN.

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