BIOVEGEN-OEPM Collaboration: Technological Alert



BIOVEGEN, within its framework of cooperation with the Spanish Patent and Trademark (in Spanish, OEPM), includes in its website an information service of Technology Alerts


  • What are the OEPM Technological Alerts?
    • It is a free service of information (monitoring) Technology
    • Provide an update on the most recent patents that are being published in the world in relation to a specific technical topic information:
      • The most relevant bibliographic data and image
      • Direct access to the patent
      • The list of patents can be exported to a PDF


Other Technological Surveillance services:

OEPM service


Cost Learn more

Technology Watch Newsletter

Quarterly publication featuring a selection of the most relevant patents published various worldwide on 14 technology sectors Free Link

Patent Technological Reports

Made by patent examiners, with powerful search tools. In-depth analysis of patent documents and scientific literature have been published worldwide and its relation to the information provided by the applicant (possible patent or utility model, project research and / or development, technical issue determined etc.) Premium Link

Customized Technology Watch Reports

Provided with the desired frequency, citations of patents and utility models published inside and / or outside of Spain in relation to the topic defined by the applicant Premium Link
Other services     Link


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