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BIOVEGEN 2011 Guide to R&D&i Funding Mechanisms for Plant Biotechnology

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What is it?

The "BIOVEGEN Guide to R&D&i Funding Mechanisms for Plant Biotechnology" is a tool that provides a quick and easy global and inclusive vision of all R&D financial instruments. This guide seeks to optimize the use of these funding instruments by all Science-Technology-Business System Agents involved in Plant Biotechnology sector, increasing innovative activity in the AGRO sector.


Importance of R&D&i for Plant Biotechnology

Research, development and innovation (R&D&i) plays a crucial role in agro-food sector as it allows improving and optimizing production processes, ensuring food and raw materials in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, as well as increasing competitiveness of Spanish agro-food sector.

Spain ranks 9th in terms of scientific production and GDP. However, despite having a supporting R&D&i fiscal framework, the degree of knowledge and technology transfer from Science to Business -and therefore the innovative activity- is lower than in neighboring countries. This is due in part to ignorance about funding mechanisms by business and scientific sector, whose use is often reduced to those funding programs they are familiar with from previous experience. The wide range of R&D support mechanisms, both in terms of typology (project aid, incorporation of personnel, infrastructure, business creation...) and managing bodies (Ministries, CDTI, European Union, regional governments...) is one of the factors which can influence this ignorance. Another aspect that makes it harder to have an overview of all these mechanisms (and therefore use them efficiently) is the continual evolution of financing plans that leads to disappearance, creation, fusion... of calls and programs. This situation may discourage the funding request by companies and scientists, and thus, slow the innovative activity.


Guide objectives and structure

In short, in-depth knowledge of these instruments is a basic condition to ensure business innovative sucess, but it's nevertheless a complicated process for the reasons described above.

That is why, we set ourselves the challenge of develoving a tool to increase global knowledge of R&D financing instruments in a fast and easy way, hence optimizing the use of these resources by all Science-Technology-Enterprise agents in Plant Biotechnology sector, which are the drivers of innovation.

Thus, after a long period of dedication and effort, comes this BIOVEGEN 2011 Guide, providing a global and inclusive view of R&D&i funding mechanisms for the first time, both at national and international level.


BIOVEGEN Online Guide



After verifying the good reception of this Guide by the sector, the digital version of the Guide, was launched to provide more accessible and easy to use information. The online Guide site allows searching for information about all R&D funding bodies as well as their programmes and offers.The information is collected in 6 tables (*) and a downloadable and printable explanatory book. In adtition, navigation through the tables and search by keyword are available.

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