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Preparation and presentation of the BIOVEGEN 2011 Guide to R&D&I Financing Mechanisms

The main objective of the Plant Biotechnology Technological Platform (BIOVEGEN), promoted by INVEGEN, is the promotion of public-private collaboration through the generation of joint R&D projects and the increase in technology transfer from the scientific community to the Business field. This collaboration and technology transfer is supported in many cases by a set of public R&D&I financing tools. However, its continuous evolution and the difficulty of obtaining a global vision of this entire financing network can discourage in many cases R&D&I actions (projects, creation of EBT, incorporation of personnel, etc.) by its agents (researchers, companies), which slows down the innovative activity of the sector.

In this context, BIOVEGEN has prepared a complete manual that collects and summarizes all R&D&I financing mechanisms at the regional, state and community levels. Its objective is to provide a global, clear and simple vision of the different existing tools, framing them in their respective plans, and facilitating their use by the scientific and business sector.

The information is collected in 6 foldable poster tables and a book that describes the financing entities, related to the tables through tabs. The Guide aims to be a practical and manageable decision instrument that will be updated annually. The tables included in the Guide are the following:

  • Table 1. MICINN. VI National R&D&I Plan 2008-2011.
  • Table 2. MICINN. State Innovation Strategy (e2i). Innovation Plan 2011.
  • Table 3. New financing mechanisms for the CDTI.
  • Table 4. Regional financing mechanisms (Autonomous Communities).
  • Table 5. International financing mechanisms: VII Framework Program, CIP and PLANT KBBE.
  • Table 6. Financing mechanisms for national and international R&D&I projects.

The Guide will be presented next Tuesday, July 12 at the Conference “CDTI support for R&D&I in Plant Breeding and presentation of the BIOVEGEN 2011 Guide”, organized by BIOVEGEN, ANOVE (National Association of Plant Breeders) and CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development).