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BIOVEGEN contribution to MAPA for Spanish position on European legislation on genome editing techniques

The European Commission is carrying out a study on the situation of new genomic techniques and based on its results, and if necessary, seek possible solutions to its current legal situation, including a possible legislative review (Council Decision 2019/1904). The Commission has requested information from Member States on the opportunities and benefits that these techniques can bring to the agri-food sector and other sectors such as industry.

In Spain, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) is analyzing the opportunities and benefits that these techniques offer for the national agri-food and industrial sector. In this context, the Ministry has offered BIOVEGEN the possibility of providing the vision of the Platform partners regarding this issue.

For this reason, at BIOVEGEN we are carrying out a survey with the aim of collecting information on the use of these new genomic techniques among BIOVEGEN partners. The results (treated confidentially and anonymously) will be included in the report that the Ministry of Agriculture will subsequently send to the European Commission and will contribute to the possible proposal of a modification of the current legislation, which represents a regression for the applications of the techniques of Genetic editing in plant production.