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Staphyt was created in 1989, is a Contract Research Organization and Regulatory Affairs Consultancy, it provides services in the sectors of agribusiness, biocides, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

It is based in Europe, Latin America, Australasia, North Africa and everywhere else through partners. Its scientific, technical and regulatory experts accompany our clients in the development, registration and marketing of their products and substances, whether chemical or biological. 

Staphyt core expertise are: agricultural experimentation, regulatory affairs, coordination of registration dossiers in plant-protection and nutrition. It provides a full range of services, such as: Efficacy field testing (GEP), Residue field testing (GLP), Seed services, Physical chemistry, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Fate studies, Regulatory Affairs services and Laboratory and Glasshouse studies.

From consultancy to study management and registration submission, it teams do everything possible to manage and control all projects to best effect for our clients. Staphyt is fully engaged with its clients to actively support their innovation, growth and future success.