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LanGenomics BioDetect is a CSIC's technology-based company, which focuses its activity in the field of biology, biotechnology and genomics of organisms and microorganisms. Currently, the company designs and executes research and innovation projects in soil, water and air for the early detection, control and bioremediation of invasive species that cause biological invasions and consequently damage, diseases and pests in natural habitats, agriculture and food industry. This whole set of services is carried out through the implementation of targeted computing solutions, environmental DNA protocols, genetic studies of organisms and the use of portable sequencing technology in real time.

In addition, LanGenomics BioDetect, develops research and innovation actions for the biological control and conservation of protected or endangered species.

Finally, LanGenomics BioDetect, offers the design and sale of ad hoc products for the early detection of biological invasions in soil, water and air, research protocols and innovation in environmental DNA and professional training in the management of early detection technologies, sequencing, directed computing and modeling.