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I-GRAPE LABORATORY possesses a patented waste recovery technology from the agrifood industry through natural extracts obtaining. The company is currently supplying the zoosanitary sector with antibacterial, preservative and fungicide activity extracts which can be used against diseases like Mastitis and also for preservations of biological samples. I-GRAPE operates its R&D activities implementing projects that target food, pharmaceutical & veterinary, biopesticides & biocidal sectors, developing extracts as active substances with antibacterial, fungicidal and conserving properties.

I-GRAPE LABORATORY also features a patented technology for obtaining vermicompost from the solid residues generated during extraction.

Vermicompost is microbiologically active substrate with a high water retention capacity, high content of humic substances, nutrients and a high load of extracellular enzymes. As a consequence, vermicompost has characteristic properties as a fertilizer, biostimulant and biocontrol product.