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Webinar “Seaweed biostimulants to increase productivity in crops”



Webinar “Seaweed biostimulants to increase productivity in crops”

June 20, 2024

After the interest shown in the day 'IBMCP – Science and Technology at the Service of Agriculture', We will continue to deepen the dissemination of the capabilities of this internationally renowned research center in plant science to solve the challenges of companies in the agri-food sector. 

For this reason we organize, together with the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants (IBMCP – UPV – CSIC) and CAJAMAR, a series of webinars in which their technological capabilities in specific subjects will be shown, as well as examples of successful collaboration with the private sector, and giving space to interested companies to convey their demands, to explore avenues for collaboration.

The biostimulants They are natural or synthetic substances that improve plant growth and improve nutrient absorption, stress tolerance and general health. Their benefits in crop yield and productivity, as alternatives to traditional treatments, have made them gain momentum in their field applications in recent times. The new EU Regulation 1009/2019 obliges manufacturers of all types of biostimulants to pass the EU-type Examination conformity assessment procedure before a Certification Entity prior to marketing. This implies providing data that supports the mode of action of the product.

This webinar titled 'Seaweed biostimulants to increase productivity in crops', A practical case of development of a biostimulant product based on seaweed extracts will be addressed, the result of the IBMCP – PLYMAG collaboration.