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Video “Bio-based day, how sustainable is your day?”

Last January, BIOVEGEN joined the Advisory board of the European BioBridges project. The BioBridges project aims to respond to the challenge of improving the marketing of bio-based products (BBP) by promoting close cooperation and partnership between bio-based industries, brand owners and consumer representatives.

BioBridges also wants to involve other interested parties in these alliances between bioindustries, brand owners and consumer representatives, such as communities and local authorities and other industrial actors, in order to establish avenues of collaboration that promote the commercialization and entry into the bioproducts market. We also seek to facilitate interconnections in the sector and the creation of synergies.

In this context, the project is developing different videos with the aim of promoting the economy with specific messages:

  • Emphasize the possible positive impact in the lives of consumers (society, environment, well-being, health) and
  • Show the opportunities economic, sustainability, growth and employment for brands and industries.

In the first video published, “A Bio-Based Day”, Biobridges shows the routine of a young woman showing the viewer how bioproducts can replace those based on fuel. You can view the video, available in different languages, at the following links: