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A new entity has recently joined BIOVEGEN as a partner. The Center for Innovation and Development in Plant Health (CIDSAV-UdG) is a research center of the University of Girona whose purpose is research, services, transfer, training and dissemination on Plant Health issues. CIDSAV has ISO 9001 (2015) certification and has more than 30 years of experience in carrying out projects with companies. CIDSAV works on advising on the phytosanitary quality of plant material sold by the nursery and seed production sector, the diagnosis and correct application of disease control measures during the production, storage and marketing of plant products. The center aims to promote innovation through its research activity applied to solving the problems and needs of the agricultural and phytosanitary sector, allowing it to carry out an important technology transfer activity. Projects in the field of (1) diagnosis, identification of causal agents of plant diseases, (2) determination of the effectiveness of fungicides, bactericides, plant growth promoters and fertilizers in vitro, ex-vivo and in the field, ( 3) development of biopesticides and biofertilizers, from the stage of isolation, selection, characterization and determination of effectiveness, development of analysis techniques and the mechanism of action, production and formulation.