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He GOCITRUS Operational Group was born in 2018 in the context of the Call for Creation of Supra-autonomous Operational Groups in relation to the European Association for Innovation in the field of agricultural productivity and sustainability. In its first phase (corresponding to measure 16.1 of the Call) the project had as its objective the formation of a group of experts to work on the identification and appropriate selection of citrus varieties as a basis for correct varietal and production management and planning. .

Currently, the GOCITRUS Operational Group faces its second phase (corresponding to measure 16.2 of the Call) whose objective is to re-organize and define the varietal bases on which to establish the citrus revolution towards which our productive and export sectors are heading due to the imperatives and demands of the new relationships. between markets.

In this context, the second edition of the GOCITRUS newsletter has been published, which includes:

  • Content:
    • Final approval of the GOCITRUS Operational Group
    • Presentation of the GOCITRUS Operational Group at the FRUIT LOGISTICA International Fair. February 5, 6 and 7, 2020. Berlin (Germany)
    • Presentation of the GOCITRUS Operational Group at the Conference “Agri-food at the center of the Bioeconomy”. February 27, 2020. Madrid
    • Adaptation of GOCITRUS to COVID-19
  • Version: April 2020.