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Call for collaboration/investment with Russian multinational food company, EFKO GROUP

The company EFKO GROUP It's one of the largest feeding groups in Russia, leader in segments like mayonnaise, oil, yogurts and sauces. Through its center EFKO INNOVATIONS aims to implement new technologies and product development. You are searching internationally for technologies of interest:

  • TOPIC 1: Fermentation of oil seed meal (cake)
  • TOPIC 2: Recombinant proteins manufacturing
  • TOPIC 3: Low-calorie fat substitutes
  • TOPIC 4: Methods for producing unsaturated fatty acids
  • TOPIC 5: On-farm inputs for animal ag
  • TOPIC 6: Alternative meat
  • TOPIC 7: Sweeteners and Healthy food ingredients
  • TOPIC 8: Cold pressed oil as the source of plant-based nutrient
  • TOPIC 9: IT-technologies in food industry

He April 16, 2020 ICEX organizes a DEMO DAY in Madrid. The activity is aimed at technology companies, startups, hubs of innovation, Universities, Technology Centers, etc. of the industry FoodTech who want to start a collaboration with EFKO GROUP:

  • To develop a prototype, carry out pilot tests in the EFKO environment, or carry out joint developments. 
  • In the case of the startups, receive an investment from the EFKO corporate fund