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BIOVEGEN in the magazine “Agronomist's World”

BIOVEGEN participates in the December issue of the magazine “World of the Agronomist”. This magazine has published the article “Research in citrus genomics places Spain as a benchmark for innovation in the sector,” prepared by BIOVEGEN together with researchers from the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research (IVIA).

The article refers to crucial research on the citrus genome, July cover of the magazine Nature Biotechnology, which has had significant Spanish participation and which yields results of great scientific and commercial relevance. This research provides until now unknown information about the genome and evolution of citrus fruits, opening the door to obtaining new varieties and therefore improving the competitiveness of the Spanish citrus sector. Spain is the world leader in citrus exports, generating an annual net profit of €2,500 million, so the results of this study are of great commercial interest.