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BIOVEGEN in Alimentaria magazine

On February 11 and 12, BIOVEGEN participated in the TRANSFER FORUM, 5th edition of this science, technology and innovation forum.

BIOVEGEN had a workspace where it held 15 bilateral meetings, meeting with technology demanders and suppliers to look for possible avenues for collaboration between the public and private sectors. Likewise, BIOVEGEN coordinated the First Meeting of the Food Platforms Working Group, which was created with the intention of institutionalizing the existing relationship between the Platforms in the food field (plant biotechnology, food, fishing, wine, containers and packaging, animal health) to through the exchange of information, common R&D proposals, search for partners, joint events and other activities. In addition, BIOVEGEN participated as a speaker at the Round Table “Innovation and technological transfer in agri-food: engine of competitiveness” along with other related technological platforms, such as Food for Life, Fishing, Wine and Containers and Packaging. In this round table, the potential of innovation and technological transfer in agri-food as a driver of competitiveness was shown, showing the big data of each sector, specific financing as well as representative success stories.

This Round Table has been collected by the magazine ALIMENTARIA (number 472 of April 2016), which highlights the role of BIOVEGEN as a driving force of technological development in the agri-food sector and as promoters of R&D projects.