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BIOVEGEN Employment Supply and Demand Bulletin

The “BIOVEGEN Job Supply/Demand Bulletins” They are a tool aimed at promoting the mobility of talent between the public and private sectors.


  • Take advantage of the investment in training of qualified R&D personnel
  • Make this talent available to companies to improve their competitiveness
  • Offer quality professional opportunities to researchers in the sector
  • Offer a broadcast channel of offers and demands from entities in the sector (companies, research centers, etc.)


Since the systematization of this tool in April 2015, the BIOVEGEN Employment Supply and Demand bulletins have served to mobilize 180 offers and more than 40 job requests of the agri-food sector.


Note: Through these Bulletins, BIOVEGEN mobilizes job offers and demands and puts entities and professionals in contact. BIOVEGEN is not responsible for any possible discrepancies that may arise from the interaction between interested parties.

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