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Strategic Innovation Agenda

BIOVEGEN and the Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020

The Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020 is the framework instrument for establishing the aims, linked to the promotion and development of R&D activities, to be achieved during this period in Spain. These objectives are in line with those settled by the European Union within «Horizon 2020» framework program for funding R&D activities during the period 2014-2020, thus contributing to incentivizing active participation of Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Agents in the European Area.

This strategy is implemented through Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2017-2020. One of the dynamic actions contemplated in the Plan are Technology Platforms (TPs).

What are Technology Platforms?

TPs are communication channels between different public and private actors in a given sector, which promote public-private partnerships, identifying emerging technologies and detecting new demands in terms of Social Challenges:

  • Social Challenge 1: Health, demographic change and well-being.
  • Social Challenge 2: Food security and food quality; productive and sustainable farming, natural resources, marine and maritime research.
  • Social Challenge 3: Safe, efficient and clean energy.
  • Social Challenge 4: Smart, sustainable and integrated transport.
  • Social Challenge 5: Action on climate change and efficient use of resources and raw materials.
  • Social Challenge 6: Changes and social innovations.
  • Social Challenge 7: Economy and digital society.
  • Social Challenge 8: Security, protection and defense.

Network Technology Platforms

Technology platforms are part of a national network supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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