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BIOVEGEN develops a wide variety of publications with different objectives. The publications include:


BIOVEGEN elaborates different reports about R&D issues of interest for the agrifood sector: national/international R&D financing programmes, R&D tax incentives, new plant variety development guide, etc.

BIOVEGEN Weekly newsletter


BIOVEGEN provides its members with a specialized information service about R&D issues related to Plant Biotechnology, including:

  • BIOVEGEN activities
  • Members’ news
  • R&D Proposals
  • Regional, national and international R&D financing calls
  • Administration news
  • Events: financing tools, scientific congresses, public-private meetings, etc.
  • Latest scientific-technological advances in Plant Biotechnology

BIOVEGEN R&D Proposals newsletter

BIOVEGEN R&D Proposals newsletters are a tool for systematizing and facilitating the contact between the scientific and business community in the field of Plant Biology, thereby promoting the generation of public-private partnerships: national and international R&D joint projects, contracts, patent licenses, human resources recruitment, etc.

These newsletters have the aim of promoting public-private cooperation and technology transfer to business sector, developing business opportunities from Science-business.


  • Identify joint technological interests for partnerships development
  • Identify potential partners
  • Contact suppliers and/or customers
  • Communication Channel for science-business interaction, and technological transfer
  • Identify and quantify strategic technological challenges for the sector («thermometer»)

BIOVEGEN Employment Offer & Demand newsletter

BIOVEGEN employment offer & demand newsletters are meant for boosting staff mobility between public and private sector.


  • Harnessing investment in the training of R&D qualified staff
  • Make that qualified staff available for compaines (in order to improve their competitiveness)
  • Create career opportunities for sector researchers
  • Provide a channel for employment opportunities difussion through sector entities (companies, research centres, etc.)