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BIOVEGEN collaborates with many different public & private entities related to plant biotechnology and it’s always open to stablish new partnerships with other entities within the agrifood sector. Among these collaborations are:

Working groups

BIOVEGEN belongs to different Work Groups addressing the generation of transversal projects in related sectors:

BIOVEGEN as a pI+D+i network point

BIOVEGEN signed an Agreement with CDTI (Center for the Development of Industrial Technology), by which BIOVEGEN becomes part of pI+D+i network, the Spanish Network of Information points of R&D.

This network is a public service of information and personalised advice about R&D&I funding mechanisms at a regional, national and international level. It can be easily used by companies and enterpreneurs that are approaching an R&D&I activity and require personalised advice to identify the most adapted funding mechanisms for their necessities.

BIOVEGEN-OEPM Collaboration: Technological Alerts

BIOVEGEN, within its framework of cooperation with the Spanish Patent and Trademark (in Spanish, OEPM), includes in its website an information service of Technology Alerts. This Technological Alerts:

  • Are a free service of technology information (monitoring)
  • Provide an update on the most recent patents that are being published in the world in relation to a specific technical topic information:
    • The most relevant bibliographic data and image
    • Direct access to the patent
    • The list of patents can be exported to a PDF

Consulting services

BIOVEGEN collaborates with different consultancy firms specialized in R&D&I. These partnerships are meant to facilitate BIOVEGEN members’ innovation activities through a close & customised treatment. Thus, BIOVEGEN members can access special economic conditions for different activities:

  • R&D&I / Environmental Tax deductions
  • Valuing intangible assets
  • Technology transfer consultancy
  • Investment management or R&d&I funds and energy efficiency
  • International consortia management

BIOVEGEN-KAUDAL: Mecenazgo tecnológico

BIOVEGEN also collaborates with KAUDAL, a company specialized in financing companies committed to research and development. Both entities cooperate to promote technological patronage in the agro sector.

This agreement also offers special conditions to those BIOVEGEN members interested in this financing model.