The European Mineral Fertilizer Summit 2018

28/11/2018 - 29/11/2018



Partnerships, latest technologies & best practices boosting the fertilizer industry

Back for its 3rd edition, ACI’s European Mineral Fertilizer Summit will bring together senior executives and experts from the fertilizer industries, as well as leading market analysts, consultants, technology providers & innovators to discuss the latest challenges and developments within the mineral fertilizer industry.

The two day event will provide an exclusive platform for collaboration and discussion between a variety of industry perspectives including manufacturers, suppliers, distribution/logistics and academia, as well as policy makers and NGO’s.


Who should be attending?

  • Fertilizer end users & major European farmers
  • Key representatives from the leading farmer associations
  • Distribution & logistics companies delivering to the farming industry
  • Fertilizer producers & feedstock suppliers (N (ammonia & urea) P, K, NP, NK, PK & NPK)
  • Specialty product developers (controlled-release & slow-released fertilizers, humic & water soluble fertilizers
  • Fertilizer & feedstock trading companies
  • Fertilizer plant technology & equipment providers
  • Principal fertilizer and farmer associations
  • Policy-makers & Investors
  • Nutrition and environment preservers
  • Expert consultants


Best company representative(s) to attend the event? Senior Manager Transaction * Head of Public Affairs & Industry Relations * Regional Marketing Manager Europe * VP Marketing * Executive VP *  Company Co-owner * Fertilizer Purchasing * Assistant Sales Manager * Operations, Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager * Global Sourcing Manager * Project Manager Innovation * Technical and Commercial Adviser * PhD Student * Commercial Manager * Business Development Manager * Senior Scientific Researcher * Director * Product Developer * Trails Coordinator * Development Manager EMEA - Filtration & Performance Additives * CTO * Head of Global Business Development and Innovation * Product Manager Crop Care * Manager Fertilizers * Fertilizers and Crop Protection * Head of Process Phosphates * R&D * VP Benelux - Baltic Countries * Research Scientist * Product Manager Fertilizers * Vice President Marketing & Sales and many more...

The objective of this conference is to put an emphasis on the latest projects, the innovative specialty products, the new plant technologies and the best practices within operational production. This conference will also focus on tackling the latest opportunities arising from societal concerns.

This year the biggest focus of the event will be environmental emphasis in policy reform paving the way for innovation in regard to efficient and sustainable practices along the supply chain. This includes the industrial viability of the circular economy action plan and the implementation of best management practices. Other topics like market analysis, opportunities in developing markets and stakeholder collaboration will also play an important role on the two days discussion.


Key Topics for Discussion

  • Market analysis and forecast overview
  • Opportunities and challenges in developing markets
  • Environmental emphasis in EU policy reform
  • Investigating Water Use Efficiency
  • Assessing the viability of organic fertilizers
  • The importance of Nutrient Use Efficiency
  • Over-reliance of standard NPK application affecting soil health
  • Optimising fertilizer sustainability with biostimulants
  • Benefitting the industry through in-depth stakeholder collaboration
  • How EU reform impacts the supply chain
  • The Future of Fertilizers


Join the European Mineral Fertilizer Summit 2018 to hear in depth dives into the global & European market shifts, key business applications & innovations, technology projects as well as the future objectives on maximising mineral fertilizer production capacity & value.

The participants will have a unique opportunity to take an active part in interactive sessions & panel discussions to share their knowledge, experience and uncertainties. The event will give you insights from end-use markets giving updates on market growth drivers along with sustainable advancements in technologies and R&D projects. Join us in Amsterdam to meet senior representatives from leading companies for excellent networking opportunities.


BIOVEGEN collaborates with the organisers and, due to the involvement of our Technology Platform in the organisation of the event, BIOVEGEN members will obtain special participation conditions:


Standard Price BIOVEGEN members
£1595 -15%



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